130828 ELF Japan Magazine – Yesung Page [Translastion]

Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

Not only such effective one greeting, but also Yesung’s humble attitude to staff was impressive. He showed up with black skinny pants n shirts,a soft scarf on his waist,was telling his hight fashion sense. His relived face with coffee looked a generous adult man.sunshine from a big window makes his face more calm

Moved to a hotel for next shooting,lunch time scene. At that scene, He ordered a famous lunch plate at that restaurant. It seemed to be a peaceful moment on busy shooting day. The last was bar scene.He acted that he had ordered cook-tail in the bar where had a silent mood with BGM.

He showed many faces to us.Sometimes, he attracted us with an adult man’s charm on the other hand He showed an innocent smile like a child.And he never forget the considerations to other people.

We realised the reason why he kept…

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