Lirik Lagu Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – Lion Heart❤



Oooh when I first met you
Oooh you circled me like a lion
You looked for a chance then stole my heart

You haven’t changed, you’re still the same
But I’m burning up, burning up inside
You look at other places, looking for your next prey

I should’ve pushed you away hundreds of times
I should’ve left you hundreds of times

Tell me why
Why does my heart keep shaking?
I’m right here, right next to you
Snap out of it, lion heart

My love is burning
My heart won’t cool down
I wanna tame your heart that jumps around here and there
Lion heart

OhOhOh OhOhOhOhOh (x2)

Oooh you’re a free soul, you’re still the same
You stay true to your instincts
Can’t you see me in front of you?

I think about it hundreds of times
But a thousand times, the answer is you

OhOhOh OhOhOhOhOh (x4)
I was once fast asleep baby
But you poked my nose, I’m getting mad baby

Ladies y’all know what I’m talking about right? (Yeah)
Even if it’s not all the time, there are good times, right? (Actually, I just need to be happy)
With eyes faster than the wind (with a hot heart)
With words warmer than the sun (with a cold head)
I wanna tame your lion heart, your lion-like lion heart

Lalala Lalalalala (x3)
Come sit here
Only stay by my side
Don’t look at other girls
Lion heart

Cr: Popgasa